31.08.2005.Media, market and social research agency TNS Latvia in co-operation with Latvian Advertising Association has prepared the market review covering the first 6 months of this year.

Total advertising market volume in the first half of 2005 in comparison with the same period of 2004 has grown for 17 % reaching 27,9 million lats.

The fastest percentage growth in comparison with the first half of 2004 has been observed in Internet advertising (+80 %), which in terms of money is from 0,4 million to 0,7 million lats. TV and outdoor advertising volume has grown by 21 %, but radio advertising volume has grown by 20 %.

The greatest part of the overall advertising volume is taken by TV advertising (38 %), the second largest volume is in newspapers (28 %) followed by advertising in magazines (14 %).

Taking into account more precise revision of the cinema advertising records, these six months of the year can be considered a benchmark for the future advertising volume comparison. Currently cinema advertising takes 1 % of the advertising market in Latvia.

For the sake of comparison: evaluation of the advertising market volumes in the neighbouring countries made public to date are as follows: Russia +28 %, Estonia +13 %, Finland +4.4 % in the first half of 2005 in comparison with the same period of 2004.

TNS Latvia Media Research Project Director Māris Naglis points out: “There is an apparent and stable advertising volume growth in all media groups. Relatively high Internet advertising market indicator (+80 %) should be evaluated also from the point of view of the current absolute figures (0,7 mln LVL). 

Printed media advertising market in the first half of the year can also be considered successful. Slightly lower indicator in the newspaper media group is mainly influenced by the large number of newspapers. Despite of the more successful first half of 2005 for some newspapers or publishing houses, the average growth of the advertising earnings volume in this media group is 7 %, as mentioned above.”

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